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Are they correct?

* You can go out but you must be in home at 10 o´clock.
* You can go out but you must be home by ten o´clok.

* What do you think of Chinese medicine?
* What do you think about Chinese medicine?

* What do you do for having a healthy life style?
* What do you do to have a healthy life style?


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    1.b (we don't say "I will be in home at 10" but we say "I will be home at 10").
    2.b (although the first sentence is grammatically correct, it implies that the interlocutor has the choice between Chinese medicine and other types of medicine. The second sentence is used to ask about opinion)

    (1) b is correct (I'm using a and b, with b referring to the second sentence of each group). (2) "a" is better if you mean "what is your opinion on Chinese medicine?" "To think of" is to express/have an opinion on something, whereas "to think about" is to reflect on something. (3) "b" is correct, but perhaps it would sound even better if you say "what do you do to lead a healthy lifestyle"?

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