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I wish I ____ with Ann.

A. were
B. would be
C. am
Note: What is your preferred answer and what’s wrong the other one?
Also, if C. is wrong, if a kid says "I wish mom's here," is she making a mistake in English?

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    A. "I wish I were" (less formally by some speakers and pooh-poohed by prescriptivists: "I wish I was"). Counterfactual, irrealis (I'm *not* with Ann but I wish I were), so subjunctive. B would be okay if you change it to "could" ( I *can't* be with Ann but I wish I could). And C is just wrong, wrong, wrong. So yes, "I wish Mom's here." is a mistake. "I wish Mom *were* here." (though a child might say "I wish Mom was here.")

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