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Please help me with these expressions and words. I can't find their meanings nowhere!

1) 提心吊胆
2) 轰烈
3) 靠谱
4) 冲昏

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    You can't find them *anywhere*.

    提心吊胆: be on tenterhooks
    轰轰烈烈: vigorous, thriving (career); strong, large-scale (vision)
    靠谱: reliable, trustworthy
    冲昏头脑: get carried away, lose oneself (because of great success)

    1) 提心吊胆 = tí-xīn-diào-dǎn = be scared / nervous
    2) -- don't know --
    3) -- don't know --
    4) 冲昏 = chōng-hūn =be dazzled by

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