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How people greet one another in the U.S?

What questions and answers are being used?
I know How are you/ya? How've you been? what's new? How're you doing? How's life? what have you been up to, lately? How is it going? Possible answers, Can't complain/ no complains. Good/ pretty good. Great. Nothing much in answer to what's new. I am O.K. That's what I know so far.
What are the most updated greetings used now in the U.S.? If it's deferent from one state to the other, Please specify the state in your Answer. For example, in New York one usually says such and such. Thanks in Advance.

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    Those are many questions so I hope I can answer it well.

    People say many different things when greeting each other. For myself the biggest different is the situation. I greet a co-worker different then my grandmother or my friend.


    How are you? How've you been? How're you doing? How's life? How's it going?

    friends and family:

    How's life? What have you been up to lately? How's it going? What's up?

    All of those answers are good ones. People will answer how are you questions in two ways.

    1. when how are you is used as a greeting the question is not really answered.
    ex. person 1 "hey, what's up?"
    person 2. "not much, what's up with you?"
    person 1 "not much"

    ex. person 1 "How's it going?"
    person 2 "can't complain. How about you?"
    person 1 "not much"

    With people you are close to like family and friends it's more common to actually answer the question.

    ex. Person 1 "hey, how's it going"
    person 2 "it's okay. it's been a long day and I didn't get my report done. how about you?"
    person 1 "oh that's too bad. I'm doing good. I just had lunch"

    The greeting questions are answered and it's more conversational.

    in the south (mostly around Texas / Oklahoma) people will say "Howdy" for hi. and ya'll for you all.
    ex. "Howdy! How ya'll doing today?"

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