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is it correct?

Then, I will look for the materials that are out of print in the archives I have already mentioned of the Foundation. It will be very interesting take part even to the conferences and the events organized periodically by the same Foundation in order to enrich my knowledge and to find new ideas.

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    You get your point across. If your boss is a gentleman, all he will care about is if 1) you can think well enough so that you can do the job and 2) you can communicate your thoughts to others so that they understand.
    He will not care if you do not speak like English girls, especially if you are good looking, as long as you get the point across. If he is a gentleman he will find you pleasant to have around but will not make any personal demands on you.
    Actually it can be refreshing to have English spoken in a new way. If it is always said the same it can get stale. So maybe you can make it a positive thing, instead of something to feel less than adequate about. You might put on your resume something like: English-- spoken in a refreshing way

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