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Why did you decide to learn Russian?

tell me your story, I'm interested. P.S excuse me for my English.)))

For learning: Russian
Base language: English
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    Karina, last year I wanted to learn a new language as my New Year's resolution. I didn't know which one to learn until I saw a movie called "The Sum of All Fears" with Ben Affleck and he spoke Russian in it. It sounded so cool that I knew right away that Russian would be my new language. Now I'm completely in love with it a year and four months later :)


    There is a long story behind the reason.... However now I really in love with this language. People think that I am weird that rather than learning French, German, Spanish I am learning this language, but I like to follow my heart and this language attracts me a lot.
    A language with a huge word bank, In Russian language you can say 1 object in lots of different words. It is really difficult to know all the words, but I am struggling and I know i will learn it.

    Ofcourse after this, I have other languages in my To Do List :P

    потому что я родился и живу в россии)) пришлось учить ))

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