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Is there a phonetic arabic language for english speakers?

Is there a phonetic Arabic language for English speakers?

For example mandarin has pinyin高兴=gaoxing.Thanks!

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    Hello Nin hao :)
    I think you meant a specific system of Arabic, as it exists for Chinese. Well, I am going to explain to you with all details.
    The mandarin Chinese, the characters change the forms and some tones in some special situations. in addition, the pronunciation aren't related to grammar*.
    for Arabic, it has no official system for the letters. I am going to give you an improve of that soon.
    the letters in Arabic are all consonants and the vowels which make the sound are all as "marks".
    As you know, for the other languages expect Hebrew, the sounds of the words aren't related to grammar, I meant, if I say: this student learns French at school. Look to the word "student" it never change its sound even if we do change its place for another example, learning french with this student.
    Let us see in Arabic. " I'll write them by using the Latin letters".
    This student learns َArabic = hathaa tilmeethu yata'alamu l-'arabiyah.
    learning Arabic with this student = ta'alamu l-'aribiyah ma'a hathaa tilmeethi.
    So as you see, with latin the both words "tilmeethu/ tilmeethi" aren't look the same.
    Let us see by using the letters:
    هذا التلميذ يتعلم العربية. = Arabic learns student this [read from the right to the left as you'll do for learning the english sentence ^^
    تعلم العربية مع هذا التلميذ = student this with Arabic learning
    so as you see the word "student" still the same, but with a small different of reading.
    تلميذ = "a" student.
    they are many other reasons for why it's hard to make a system for Arabic as we do for Chinese.
    for more details:
    salam~ zai jian~

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