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What does 안 되요 mean?

What does 안 되요 mean and how do you use it? Can you use it so say "you can't".

A. 이 책을 사고 싶어요.
B. 안 돼요.

meaning :

A. i want to buy this book

B. you can't

the definition from the dictionary is confusing.

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    안 돼요 itself simply means "may not" so the subject really can be anything. It depends on the context.

    (저는) 이 책을 사고 싶어요
    안 돼요.

    (I) want to buy this book.
    You can't. (You may not.)

    저희 아이들이 먼저 들어가도 돼요?
    안 돼요.

    Can my kids enter first?
    (They) may not.

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