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what does "virtual nomad" mean?

His great-grandson of a hundred years later had very likely grown up in one part of the country, married a girl from a second, and was employed in a third. During the early 1940's he had fought in Africa, Europe, or Asia. Now he could easily fly from Boston to New York, say, on the hourly shuttle, or span the entire country during a short summer vacation. Some careers made a man a virtual nomad, and the more powerful and affluent he was, the more he resorted to air travel. Because powerful individuals have strong feelings about any President, and because President Kennedy was a man of great personal wealth, it was inevitable that many whose lives and thoughts were linked with his should have been on the move that Friday noon—in airports, or aloft, or on distant continents which, to them, were scarcely more than overnight stops.

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    A nomad is a person without a permanent stationary residence who frequently moves long distances for any number of reasons. "Virtual", in this case, means "so essentially similar to something as makes no difference". For instance, if something is "virtually indestructible", that means that while it isn't TRULY indestructible, it is so close that you can consider it so.

    So what this means is that while a man with a certain career isn't really a "true" nomad, that career makes him act in such a way that he's almost indistinguishable from an actual nomad.

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