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How do you order gelato in Italian?

I would like to know how to order gelato in Italian.
Because in some shops, there are no menu.
So I need to ask the shop how much I can put the flavors on the corn.
In Italy, you can put some flavors on the corn, like 2or3 flavors on the corn with 3 euros.
I know it depends on the shops.

If possible, could you write it in Italian and English? Thank you for your help.

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    Vorrei un cono gelato da due gusti.
    I would like an icecream with two flavors.

    or if you want choosing how much money, you can ask

    Vorrei un cono (gelato) da 2 Euro: quanti gusti posso metterci?
    (usually 1 €. for 1 flavor, but quantity of flavor it depend on the shops...)

    Hello, I would like to have a medium size ice cream cone with three different flavors, vanilla, raspberry and chocolate.

    Se vuoi conoscere il prezzo:
    Quant'è un cono da due gusti? [=Quanto viene/Quanto costa un cono da due gusti?]

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