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How do people generally hear about other cultures?

I started thinking about Asian people more often, after visiting this website ,who are trying to get to know our culture, i mean Turkish culture, and it feels a little bit strange to me :) I know it is not that strange, because, I also like Asian culture and want to know them :) But still, I would like to talk to those who likes Turkey! :)
And how do you think people hear abput other cultures? I got interested in Asian culture by mostly getting impressed by movies or dramas. I didn't read so much book about Asia, but i think books are as effective as movies.I used to search about European culture when i was younger, like 5 years ago, because I used to read books which took place at Europa or America.What's your opinion about it? Always feel free to say what you think! :)

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    we often learn about the culture by reading (books, websites) and travelling

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