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How can we say underwear in Portuguese for men and women?

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    In a general way it is called "roupa íntima",
    But for men, it is called "cueca", and for women bra is called "sutiã" and underwear is called "calcinha".

    Hope it was helpful!

    That its some general to express, but I think its better what you use sutia to bubis, calcinha to intimate and cueca for men good luck


    In portuguese we called "roupa íntima" as Jessica told you. For women we can also use the word "lingerie".

    "Calcinha" is a pantie (both words are the diminutive of pant, in our case "calça").

    "Sutiã or Soutien" is a word that we steal from the French that means bra or brassiere.

    The unique underwear used by men is called "cueca".

    briefs -cueca
    panties - calcinha
    speedo/trunks - sunga
    bra- sutiã/sutien
    bikini- biquini

    the translation to portuguese .

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