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What should I reply if someone say " 감사합니다 " or " 고마워요 " ?

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    The textbook response to 감사합니다 would be 천만에요, but it's not used a lot in every speech anymore. Many Koreans would just say "네" "아니에요" 아닙니다"

    Formal: "천만해요" pronounced "cheon-mahn-haeyo"
    Informal: "천만해" pronounced "cheon-mahn-hae"

    However, this isn't what is always used. Not many people use this phrase. If you want to say it more casually, you can say...

    Formal: "아니에요" pronounced "ah-ni-eh-yo" Which directly translate, "It's not it" but it can mean "That's okay" "Don't mention it." So people use this to say "You're welcome."

    Informal: "아니야" pronounced "ah-ni-ya" Same as above.

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