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Hello everybody! Can anybody explain to me the differences among these verbs:办,干,做,搞.
Can you write some sentences as example and correct the grammar of the question too? Thank you to be so kind! Wish all of you a pleasant day!


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    all four of them can mean "to do"

    办 is used when you are talking about a specific case or thing you want to do, "to work on sth" may be a better way to translate it.

    干 when used in a question like 你在干什么?it simply means "do", what are you doing. Otherwise it means "to work on sth" which normally takes a lot of effort and time, such as a dream or career. For example 干大事,干事业。

    做 is the most common word you should use in most cases.

    搞 this word is normally used to show disapproval, what the hell are you doing? 你在搞什么鬼?

    When 干,做 and 搞 is used for describing what you wanna do to another person, it can mean to kill, to beat, to cause serious injuries, or to have sex with someone which is extremely offensive and insulting, so be careful out there. If you ever hear someone say this to you, slap him and run a way like an Easter bunny.


    “差分”is wrong ,It is “差别”
    Example:办事情 干活儿 做作业 搞小动作。Can you understand?

    it's difficult to say


    sometimes , 干 做 搞 are the same .
    we say 干事情(do thing) = 做事情(do thing)
    but there s no 搞事情
    and honestly speaking ,搞了谁(somebody),often means fuck somebody , hehe

    办、干、做、意思接近, 搞有点粗话浑话贬义的意思。

    办,干,做,搞 => "do" something

    所以 "做" is the best. :)

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