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Can anyone help me write this sentence in Chinese?

I am trying to say :

'My mum and I want to go out and eat cake now, do you want to come with us?'

现在我跟妈妈想去吃蛋糕, 你想一起去吗? <---- Is it like this?!


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    How about Google Translate? It's easy... "My mother and I want to eat the cake, you want to go with you?"



    现在我跟妈妈想去吃蛋糕, 你想一起去吗? is not incorrect, but not very natural neither.

    我和妈妈想去吃蛋糕,你想一起去吗?omit 现在。

    use 要 instead of 想, if you are already on your way out

    我和妈妈要去吃蛋糕,你想一起吗?去can be omitted as well.


    yes you are exactly right.

    我一会儿跟我妈出去吃蛋糕去,你去吗? ( 北京话 )

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