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What is the difference between "acá and aquí", "allá and allí"?

I know that "acá and aquí" means "Here". And "allá and allí" means "There". However, I don't know if there is a difference between both of each word.

Thanks for your help.

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    Yes! mainly that is the difference, I would say that "aquí" would be a little closer than "acá", as well as "allí" would be closer than "allá".

    We would use "allí" if we are showing a person who is standing away from us something within a distance nearby both of us.
    And "allá"if we are showing a person who is either close to us or away from us something that is far away from both of us.

    I hope this is helpful. ¡Saludos!

    Como dijo Cynthia.

    Acá = here
    Aquí = right here.
    Allá= there
    Allí= right there.

    Hi Shaimaa!

    The difference between "acá y aquí" and "allá y allí" depends on the spanish dialect you are speaking.
    In Spain with don't use the word "acá" So we use "aquí" for "here"

    In Spain "allá" = "there" = a general location
    and "allí" = "right there" = an specific location

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