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FUE - wrong person

i need some help
I wrote in a notebook " FUE divertido ser pequeno"
but FUE is in wrong person, do you know the right person ?

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    You can said: fue divertido ser pequeño
    you can said for another forms, for example:
    Yo fui muy feliz de niño/niña


    "Fue divertido nadar en el mar", "fue divertido jugar en la nieve", "fue divertido ser pequeño"... Nothing wrong so far. The English equivalent would be "it was fun doing..." If this was not the intended meaning in your text, then 'fue' might be wrong but with just the few words you write it is difficult to guess the supposed mistake.

    It's like saying "it was fun to be little/a child" even if you use "it" we know you are referring to yourself.

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