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Economic Crime Investigation Information doesn't feel correct. Are there any other translations? 感觉《情报》这个字不好翻译到英文。

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Could "Economic Crime Intelligence *and* Investigation" be used?
An example would be ...但目前的经济犯罪侦查情报意识从整体上看并不强...

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    Is there a missing word in the original Chinese, like "经济犯罪侦查情报局”?If so, it is unnecessary to translate every single word from Chinese into English. In the United States, we have the "Bureau of Economic Crimes." Otherwise, I would translate 情報 as "intelligence." After all, the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is translated into 中央情報局 in Chinese.

    I think it's OK to use this word, I guess it's a book or report title, in this case, information will be great.
    Otherwise, if it do refer to a specific investigation, I think intelligence would be better.

    intelligence is the most avialable .

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