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Wha'ts the difference between concuñado and coñado?

There is a question that
El esposo de mi hermana es el__________de mi esposo.
Why the correct answer is concuñado rather than cuñado?

Concuñado is used when it is between person A and person B, which is not involved with yourself?
And cuñado is used between the relationship between yourself and the other person.

For example, El esposa de mi padre es la concuñada de el esposa del hermano de mi madre.
El hermano de mi esposo es mi cuñado.

Hmmm, these really throw me out. Can anyone help me?

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    These words are different because there is not a "blood" relationship between the 2 esposos.

    For you, your sister's husband is your cuñado.
    For your sister, your husband is her cuñado.

    For your husband, your sister's husband is his concuñado.
    For your sister's husband, your husband is also his concuñado.

    Cuñado : Your sister's husband
    Concuñado : The "Cuñado" of your Sister is your... Concuñado

    Lol. got it?

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