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Hello, I got a new question

The whole journey took four and a half hours,instead of the three days on the Grand Canal as they remembered when growing up.
I have no idea what the meaning of "as they remembered when growing up" is. and what's this sentence mean?
It seems a little diffcult :( :( :( ( ˇˍˇ )

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    "As they remember when growing up" just means that in their past, they also took the same journey but this time, it took a shorter period of time.

    The sentence in general means, they took a journey that took four and a half hours. They took the same journey when they were kids but that time it took 3 days.

    ***If you don't understand something try just getting the facts out of the sentence. Ask yourself, "Have they taken they journey before?" yes, as kids; "How long did it take then?" 3 days; "How long did it take now?" 4 and a half hours; "Where did they take this journey?" The Grand Canal

    What would you sentence be then? They took a journey through the Grand Canal and it took four and a half hours but when they were kids it took 3 days.

    Hope this helps^^ Have a nice day!

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