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how many fingers do you have?

Q: How many fingers do you have?

One of my friends told me that it's actually 8.
in that case thumbs are not fingers.

is that true? if so then what can thumbs be?

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    If you *really* care:

    21.10 fingers of hands,10 fingers of legs and last finger is secret)

    ın my opinion, this is bullshit. of course, thumbs are fingers. your friend jogging you

    Fingers are: Thumb, index finger, middle finger, ring finger, little finger.
    Your friend is kidding you or lacking knowledge =)

    Murat: In English so called "fingers of legs" are called toes.
    Toes are: Hallux (also called big toe or great toe), long toe, middle toe, ring toe and little toe (also called pinky toe or baby toe)

    i got told this to but in my opinion it is still 10

    You and I together have probably 20!

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