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How would you explain“brief as bioluminescence”?


Noctiluca, I thought, Ceratium, as the tracers began to show themselves in sifted twilight, two words learned on a school field trip to the tidewaters of Virginia that appeared as I was shooting at the man, paying no attention then to the strange connections made inside of any mind, the small storms of electricity that cause them to rise and then submerge, then rise again. A fleeting thought of a young girl sitting beside me on a dock, back there the twilight coming on, the crack of tracers as I shot and shot again, the man crawling from his weapon until he stopped and his blood trickled down into the river in its final ebbing tide, brief as bioluminescence.

How would you explain“brief as bioluminescence”in the last sentence? What does it refer to?

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    He's talking about "fleeting" images in his mind both now and in memory, that flash like small "electrical storms" in the brain and the "tracers" of the gunfight. Bioluminescence is also a fleeting, flashing phenomenon, which ties you back to the Noctiluca image he used at the beginning of the paragraph.

    Bioluminescence is the production and emission of light by a living organism
    brief could mean for a short time so im just guess from this but maby there was a short moment of light withen someone who is liveing it is what i could come up with but it is probibly not the best awnser i just want to help :)

    Tammyads has the basics.
    It appears that the writer believed bioluminescence to be brief.
    Perhaps they were thinking of things that glow for only a short time, perhaps fireflies?

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