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kindly help in Arabic Aammyah VOCABS

how would u say things like these in Arabic Aammyah (Saudi dialect)

I wish I can do something.
I feel like going somewhere, do u feel the same?
He hide my glasses, I want it right now!
You are being so rude nowadays.
I want to tell u something.
I want to talk to u about something really important. (actually I want to know the difference how u say tell/talk/say in Arabic AAMMYAAH, I just don't get it where to use "qul" and "kallim")
No one is perfect here, don't u understand?
You are such a stubborn person, I cant stand u anymore.
It is such a bad thing, I can never think of doing it ever.

plzzz help,

and also I would appreciate if someone write me some common "day to day" Arabic Ammyah (Saudi dialect) vocabs "things u talk with friends and family" cause I am so bad at it :(

Thanx a lot

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    Here you go the translation of your sentences:
    ليتني اقدر اسوي شي
    احس اني ابروح اي مكان, تحس نفس الشي؟
    !هو دس\خبى نظارتي, ابغاها\ابيها الحين
    صاير جلف\وقح الايام هذي
    ابقلك شي
    ابتكلم معاك في موضوع مهم
    محد كامل هنا, ما تفهم؟
    انت واحد\انسان عنيد, ماقدر اتحملك اكثر من كذا
    هذا شي سيء\كريه\بايخ, مستحيل افكر اسويه ابدا

    About the difference between "qul" and "kallim":
    u can see the difference in the fifth and the sixth sentences. the word forms are different but you can get the idea.

    For your last request.. It would be much easier if you gave some examples and I translate them to you :)

    Hope I could help
    Cheers :D

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