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Tenses of Spanish

Could someone explain the tenses in Spanish? Muy muy dificil...

Is there past/present/future perfect in Spanish?

Are there different conjugations for future and past tense?

Thank you!

Additional Details:

When I say 'Muy muy dificil...' I mean it is difficult for me

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    Yes, there're different conjugations for future and past. And there're perfect in each of those.

    Presente simple I am Sofía. Yo soy Sofía
    Past simple I made a call Yo hice una llamada
    Present perfect ( we call it "past" I don't remember the exact name but it's considered past) Yo he hecho una llamada. / I have made a call.
    I had made a call/ Yo había hecho una llamada.
    I was going to buy it./ Yo iba a comprarlo.( a comprar esto, literally)
    Threre'is another past that's only used in some texts, like poems( at least I've read it there)
    Yo hube hecho una llamada( it's a very remote past)

    Going to --> the same in spanish : I'm going to buy a car. Yo voy a comprar un auto.( at least in Argentina we use it most of times, it's our favourite future tense)
    Will --> I will win. Yo ganaré. ( infinive verb taken as a root and study the endings)
    Future perfect. By the time you arrive home, I will have already done it. Para cuando llegues a casa, yo ya lo habré hecho.
    I will be going to school/ yo estaré yendo a la escuela( literally) In my country( at least ) we'd say " voy a estar yendo a la escuela"

    I'ts only to show you what I have on mind now, but at least for informal speech these are enough.

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