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What does retreat mean in the text below?

The whole Purchasing Department retreated for a few days to plan who best to take care of the suppliers.

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Here are the dictionary definitions. However I cannot understand "retreat" in the sentence above.
1 : to move back to get away from danger, attack, etc.
▪ When the enemy attacked, our troops were forced to retreat. ▪ They retreated behind trees for safety.
2 : to move or go away from a place or situation especially because it is dangerous, unpleasant, etc.
▪ He quickly retreated from the room. ▪ After her defeat, she retreated from politics.

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    It means: to keep themselves secure.

    In English, a "retreat" also means to go to a location away from one's residence (or usual workplace) either for a vacation or for a focused work/planning session - so company employees often go on a "retreat" for strategic planning sessions.

    Retreat is also used in the sense of being away as 雲小泉 says. This mostly appears as a noun.
    We spent a last week at a week-long retreat in the wilderness without any distractions.

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