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우리 셋이 닮았다고요? another question


다음 번역이랑 도와주세요.

My friend: Did you see the three girls?
Me: No. But I heard the three of them look alike.

제 친구: 셋 여자들 봤어요?
저 : 아니요. 그렇지만 셋 여자들이 닮았다고 들었어요.

Girl: You mean the three of us look alike?
Me: Yes. I mean the three of you look alike.

여자: 우리 셋이 닮았다고요?
저: 네. 저는 셋 당신이 닮았다고요. (저는 셋 당신이 닮았다고 말해요)

I am wondering if I have the context right, but also how best to say "the three of them" and "the three of you" in these example sentences.


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