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when we read a phone number, digit 6 is pronounced 륙, isn't it? Why?

Are there any cases similar (when it is 륙)? Please show me!

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    korean and japanese are belong to the altaic language family, as well as mongolian turkish etc.Most native words in Altaic languages will never start with the letter L or R,The letter L or R in Korean and Japanese could be from borrowed words.
    라디오 ラジオ come from english word (radio)
    로그인 ログイン come from english word (login)
    留学(りゅうがく) come from chinese word (overseas education)
    the borrowed words divide into old Chinese(한자어) and european language(외래어).unlike japanese and north korean,almost all old chinese loan words in south korean will never start with the letter L or R(ㄹ)
    六(chinese loan word)ろく(japanese) 륙(N.korean)육 (S.korean) 
    流星(chinese loan word)りゅうせい(japanese)류성(N.korean) 유성(S.korean)
    interestingly, chinese people call russia 俄罗斯(oros)which comes from mongolian. the mongolian words rarely start with the letter L or R too,so they added letter O in front of russia

    '륙' is the original sound. but when the digit '6' is placed in first position of something,it sounds '육' we call it 'the initial law'. The reason is simple. Because, in that way, we pronouce it easily. so, my answer for your first question is that you should pronouce 육 and know that some people sound it wrong as 륙(In North Korean pronounce it 륙)

    for example 6 육(single sound)/ 6666육륙륙륙(continuous sounds)

    but when we sound 6666 as the decimal system, then we sound it as 육천육백육십육.

    It is ruled by the Korean Grammatical Rule.

    but I hope you understand like this 육천(the initial of 육천) pause 육백 (the initial of 육백)pause 육십(the initial of 육십) 육

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