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gotta and gonna?

What is the difference btwn "gotta" and "gonna"?

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    Gonna - going to - собираться делать что-то
    I am gonna live my life - Я собираюсь жить своей жизнью, несмотря .......
    No matter ...............

    Gotta - have go to - должен сделать что-то
    We gotta to change the world - Мы должны изменить мир

    Gotta= got to,for example-It's too late now,i gotta go now.(it means you have to go, it shows compulsion)
    Gonna=Going to, for example-I'm gonna win this match.(so it conveys future sense)

    Gotta = got to
    Gonna = going to

    Gotta: I gotta get her something.
    Gonna: I am gonna go home.

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