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Translation: founded in May 2013 | Culture

I am creating a logo for soccer club on which "founded in May 2013" should be written.

Unfortunately I am not used to Japanese language yet, what's the reason why I need your help.
Google translator suggests:


Is this correct?

Thank you for your correction or confirmation ! =)


Another question about Japanese culture. I am searching for the whole evening now for a webpage on which I can read detailed information about Japan and its population (How big are the houses, do they live together, waht's a typical activity, what about travelling and thinkings of other cultures and and and... =S. Wikipedia and several other ones do only consider the main infos which I already know. I would be pleased if somebody can suggest me an appropriate one for me =).

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    (このサッカークラブは)2013年5月に設立された is correct.

    (私たちは)2013年5月に(このサッカークラブを)設立した is also correct.

    Another question is that you want to know the stereotype of Japanese, isn't it?
    I've never heard of such a website.
    I can recommend you "" which are very popular for foreign people who travel Japan.

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