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Online shopping and Webmoney in Korea

Are there online shops in South Korea that accept Webmoney? If there's none, then maybe other e-money? It's somewhat annoying to deal with all those bank transfers or visa card info, it's way easier for me to pay by WM (not only games, haha.. It's not that hard to find online shops in Russia that sell usual stuff and accept WM.. I think.. well, I bought some wi-fi equipment online using WM, so there are at least some shops.. um, nevermind, back to Korean online shopping). Actually I'm looking for a bookstore that accepts WM.. I checked yes24 and I think it doesn't accept e-money (worldwde transfer e-money).

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    I'm sorry, but I think there is none. Because Korean payment system is s**t. I'm serious. Even It make Korean go crazy. And I've never heard there is e-money, which is able to be used for shopping. But my question are here. What is WM? And what exactly do you need to buy?

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