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I am fuzzy on the difference between get take out a lot and take out a lot


We get take out a lot. I guess we can kind of afford it bc our electricity is still on!! Last month for 2 weeks straight we ordered out. I gained 10 pounds!!! I don’t know hubby isn’t going to the grocery store or having me go. I’m enjoying not cooking though. Just need to start working out.

1)the difference between "get take out" and "take out"
I don't understand why he uses the word "get"

2)I don't know what the word "bc" means.
Perhaps, It's "Because"?

Please help me Thanks!

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    In this context, "get" is a verb that means "to order."

    And "take out" is a noun that means food that you order at or from a restaurant, and then you take the food home or somewhere else to eat it. Or the restaurant might deliver the food to your home.

    So: "We get take out a lot" is equal to "We often order 'take out' food from a restaurant."

    And yes, bc means "because" in this context.

    The woman is talking about "take out" food in comparison to food bought at a grocery store. The "take out" food is more expensive. But the woman and her husband can still afford to buy it often, because they still have enough money to pay the cost of the electricity for their home. Going to the grocery store to buy groceries and making their own food would be a less expensive way to eat. But the woman prefers not to cook.

    In addition, "take out" food often refers to food that is not healthy for you, such as food from so-called Chinese or Indian restaurants in the USA, or pizza. So the woman must exercise to keep from gaining weight when she eats so much take out food.

    Last, "take away" is another noun that can mean "take out" in this context. They both mean food that comes from a restaurant that is a little bit expensive and not very healthy.

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