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If you're love someone but he does not love you, what will you do? :(

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    Hi mason. I am going to try to answer your question more for the sake of practicing the language than because I claim to be a love and relations advisor. I don't know about the "torch" and "lap" tips by Nanren888 but I will elaborate on his third option. I think that beginning by exploring the reasons that led that person to ignore your love is a good starting point: If you are really attracted to him, start by asking yourself why he doesn't love you back; what things he likes about a girl that you probably don't have. It may take some time but if you think he's worth that time, go for it and try to impress him. And you should not exclude two important possibilities: The first is that he already has a girlfriend, in which case you shouldn't waste your time. Somewhere, sometime, someone will be there for you (* I believe in soul-mates). So, it is just a matter of time and circumstances before you find your soul-mate. The second is that the fact that he doesn't love you back shouldn't overshadow the possibility that he might not be the perfect lover after all. Sometimes, a person's disappointment because their love has been rejected comes in the way of them thinking clearly about whether that other person really deserves their love. Hope that this helps a little.


    It may depend on the culture in which you live. What is acceptable in one culture may not be acceptable in another culture.

    But I would say, if you love someone (or of you're in love with someone), you could try to get his attention. Perhaps find out what he likes and then try to get into a conversation with him about what he likes. Or find out where he likes to hang out (spend time at) and go there. But it is probably not good to look or be over-eager to get someone's attention.

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