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跳電了該如何用英文向leasing office解釋情況?

我家剛剛跳電了,請問我該怎麼用英文打給l easing office請他來幫我修呢?用black out? no power? 有沒有比較口語,而且可以讓對方直接聽懂的說法呢?

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    "My circuit breaker tripped" or "I think a fuse blew." Then say, "I have no electricity now. Can you send someone to take a look at the electrical panel box?"

    Brian is right. I'd call it an "electrical switchboard" or just "switchboard". Circuit breaker can be simply "breaker" if you want.
    Sometimes the reason is not what you think.Sometimes telling someone what the problem cause is can be misleading. Sometimes you can just explain things you know & let the expert analyse the cause.
    The power went off suddenly.
    We are without power.
    We have a black out now.
    We need someone to fix this, ...promptly, emphasis as you see fit. :)

    If you blew a fuse or a breaker, there was probably a reason. The reason is probably not in the switchboard. Expect questions about electrical things in your office. :)

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