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What the phrase "catch up and reconnect" means?


Now all the kids have left home we go out at least once a week. It’s cheaper, we can eat at real restaurants not teenage ones and we can talk catch up and reconnect. It will happen one day for you all.

What does that phrase "catch up and reconnect" means?


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    "catch up and reconnect" means to reestablish a closer relationship with each other.

    Now that the kids are grown up and live elsewhere, the husband and wife have time to talk to each other, catch up, and reconnect. To concentrate on their own relationship, instead of paying attention to the needs of their children.

    talk, catch up & reconnect ?
    It is not clear whether the couple are reconnecting with each other or with other friends.
    With young children, couples usually see friends less often. They loose close connections with others. Lack adult talk & discussion.
    Likely it means that they can again have close connections, with other adult friends.
    To "catch up" is to find out hat has happened recently. "Oh so have a dog now." "You took on a maid?" "You have changed job?" "How's the new car?" "You bought a what?"

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