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AZERI, about the Ğ

i'm trying to learn azeri from the web and obviously some info are a bit contradictory.

about the Ğ, i read it sounds like HHRRR, like when you're gargling or spitting.
in a video though, the speaker didn't pronounce it at all in the word, as if it was a MUTE letter.

what's it all about?

Sağ ol! Giacomo.

(like here: is it sahr-ol or sa-ol?)

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    I'd recommend to listen this lesson (seconds 46-51)
    In general, it's like soft gargling, but sometimes, especially in spoken Azeri it's hardly heard (e.g. the phrase SAĞ OL may be heard as SAOL).
    Hope it's helpful. In case you some examples I could give some by skype.

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