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For lonely, is there a difference between 외로운, 쓸쓸한, and 고독한?

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    외로운 and 쓸쓸한 have almost same meaning. 외로운 is more often said and heard, though. There should be some difference, but not easy to explain. 고독한 is more likely a literary term. When you read, you can find this word easily, but not in conversation. If you use any of these in conversation, 외로운 would be best bet.

    have you got yourself a korean theasaurus? I always have been searching for one online but never found one. In any case, those words really do mean about the same state of mind. The last word is coming from hanja and the first two are native korean words. By now you should know the general rule of thumb about choosing between hanja and native words.

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