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Are these two sentences correct?

Which ones of the days and what hours I will be working on?

I appreciate that you are asking me for some help.

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    I think they are both gramatically correct, but they would sound odd to a native speaker, possibly. They are not wrong, but just like other things in life, if something is done enough or gone over enough, the shortest, most direct path will be found and used most often. The first sentence is not very direct. A more direct way to ask is:
    "What is my work schedule?" or "What days and times will I be working?"
    On the second sentence I am not sure what meaning you want to convey. The sentence does not sound odd grammatically, but it sounds odd because it is hard to imagine a situation where you would want to say this. Appreciate means to raise the value of, so if I wanted to appreciate that someone asked me to help them, I would just provide the help they wanted. That is the direct way. I would not say this because it would add no value. There could be situations where you might say this. For example, a person could have asked you or three other people for the help. You wanted them to ask you for it. They did. Then you could say this to them just before providing the help.

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