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Which is the right answer?

-¿Te gusta la comida oriental?

A. Sí, me encanta B. Sí, me encanta mucho
C. Sí, gusto mucho D. Sí, me la gusta

Why the correct answer is D?

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    A is the only correct.

    B has a problem: if you say "me encanta" you are meaning that you like it so much, or that you find it really appealing. The meaning of "mucho" is already contained in "encanta".

    C and D are as Francisco wrote.

    in fact, A and B are correct. C and D must be:
    C. Sí, me gusta mucho.
    D. Sí, me gusta.

    Actually, answers A and B are both sufficient answers to the question. As mentioned above, C and D need a little bit of modification to be considered sufficient answers.
    You could say for C: "Sí, me gusta mucho."
    For D, you could say, "Sí, me gusta."


    Only you can say "Si, me encanta" the other answers have some mistakes.

    The right answer is A.

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