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question about the specific location

Tight security was also enforced in the Pentagon's Gold Room, down the hall from McNamara, where the Joint Chiefs of Staff were in session with the commanders of the West German Bundestvehr.]

if The "Gold Room" was down the hall from McNamara's office in the Pentagon building.then, if I say:

1.tight security is enforced in the Gold Room
2.Gold Room is at the end of the hallway, which is in the same floor as McNamara's office.
3.the joint Chiefs of Staff and the commanders of the West German Bundeswehr are having meeting in the Gold Room

am I right? thank you!

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    You are right and you are wrong; number one is right, number three is right but number two is wrong because the hallways in the Pentagon don't end, they go around the entire building! The Gold Room is down the hall, not at the end of anything.

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