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友人として私を追加していただきありがとうございます.( thank you for adding me as your friend) これは間違っていますか.

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    If you want to mean the "friends" in this community, it is translated as "友達". Therefore it will be:

    Strictly speaking, "くださる" refers to the act of your friend, while "いただく" refers to the act of yourself. In your sentence you are appreciating your friend's act, so "くださり" would be better than "いただき". But this does not matter so much because many native speakers are using them interchangeably.

    (していただき is OK but it's a bit formal for me)

    Most Japanese know the word "フォロー(follow)" in Twitter.
    Actually "add" means "追加する、加える"
    But "follow" is appropriate in this situation. I guess.

    I would like to know others' opinions.

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