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what does 쥐고 means ???

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    쥐고 is from the verb 쥐다 which means to hold,grasp or seize. it can be used in many different ways, here are some expample sentences; seize (sb by sth) 멱살을 쥐다 seize somebody by the collar 핸들은 제대로 쥐고 있도록 hold a firm grip on the steering wheel.증거를 쥐고 있다 hold evidence or proof

    I don't know if you are asking the meaning of 쥐다 as a verb form or not. 쥐다 is when you clench your fist (주먹 쥐다) and grasp onto something. As in 칼자루 쥐는 사람 it means the puppet master (someone who grasps the handle of a knife).

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