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I'm reading Alfred de Musset letter to his beloved Amantine, He wrote and I quote: " You will laugh in my face; will take me for a maker of phrases in all my relations with you hitherto" < I didn't understand what did he mean by (will take me for a maker of phrases) .. and another question, he said: "I am in love with you. I have been thus since the first day I called on you" < what does (called on you) mean?

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    Are you sure? I would have thought that he wrote in French - and therefore that you are actually quoting a translation...
    'take me for a maker of phrases' is a flowery poetic made-up phrase. I guess it means that he thinks that she will think that he is someone who only communicates in 'made-up' phrases.
    'called on you' just means 'visited you'.

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