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Vosotros v.s. Ustedes


I have been told that "Vosotros" is primarily used in Spain.
"Ustedes" Is formal in Spain, but in Latin America it can be informal and formal.
My question is: 1.In Spain would it be strange if I said "Ustedes" all of the time?
2. Is "Ustedes" informal and formal in Latin America?
3. How is "Vosotros" viewed in Latin America?
Please label your answers to correspond with the question you are answering, thank you to any and all serious replies!

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    I am Latin American and we don´t use "vosotros" I only have heard "vosotros" in movies from Spain or in the bible because It was written in 1500's, here we use "ustedes" in both way formal and informal, If you said "vosotros" here, we would think that you are from Spain.

    1. "Ustedes" is formal here but in the south of spain in some places everyone used this
    2. i live in spain :)
    3. :D

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