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sentence construction

i'm wondering, what will be the easiest way to construct a good sentencce. I did try to take up Spanish 1 lesson but it still confuses me. Was trying to construct a good sentence, and i ended up with wrong grammar. Now, im just self studying; I did try to follow the subject-Verb sentence construction but it also made my sentence look bad.. This is quite a headache now but well it is fun :)

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    Well, you need to be patient, the key is repetition, you need to repeat a lot of easy sentences in Spanish, you need to think in spanish because when you compare spanish with another language it is more difficult, you don't worry about mistakes, I am a native spanish speaker and I make a lot of mistakes in spanish, I am learning English so I make a lot of mistakes on English but I don't care, every day I try very hard further I repeat many times the same sentences. Remember when you are a child and copy that method. Enjoy learning Spanish, you don´t need to think about rules every time just try to speak what you think, and if you make a mistake dont worry try again, listen easy Spanish and copy what you hear.


    Hello Angel again, yes like Diego said, patience is required, one way to start thinking in Spanish
    I would suggest you is to turn your electronic devices into Spanish, if you have them in Tagalo or
    English, you might be able to set them in Spanish, for a few days may be like you said, a headache,
    but it;s fun, in time you will see that at least the words, "enviar" "cancelar" "llamar" will come naturally
    and you will feel more confident to build phrases en "infinitivo".

    Don't give up!

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