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stay in the present

The following is a part of Modern Family script
How are you supposed to steer if you don't know where you're going?
Stay in the present, buddy.
Got to do it by feel.
You got to get all Jedi on it.

Did you just lose my truck? You just lost my truck!
I didn't!
Grandpa just gave it to me!
I told you, stay in the present!
Stop yelling!

What could be the meenign of "stay in the present" in this case

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    Generally, "staying in the present" refers to time. It means to be "here and now," not focusing on the past nor future. Just focus on what is going on at that moment.

    In this case, the first question referred to future goals and the response was to forget about the future and think about the present, now. And at the end, one asked if the other lost the truck. This was referring to something that supposedly happened in the past. Again, the character suggests to refrain from thinking about the past and to focus on the present.

    Past => present => future

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