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Could you help me to identify the difference between the following phrases?

What's the difference between 'by nature' and 'in nature'? Could you give me an example?

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    Hmm - another question to make me think. Thanks!
    'In nature' - usually refers to the way things happen in an ecosystem. In nature, flowers are often pollinated by bees. In nature, there are several different systems of reproduction.
    'By nature' - usually refers to the inherent character or behaviour of an animal (including a person). By nature, labrador dogs are friendly, but love food. By nature, women are often more caring than men.


    You could be happy "by nature" like you happy all the time, it is in your blood, or since you were born you was always in a happy mood, adjective then adverb (by nature). Other example: "the rule established by nature" which means the nature makes some act, in that case noun, verb then adverb (by nature)
    In nature: an example that comes to my mind is: "Smth happens in nature" and "Evil is in his nature"

    That's what I know, don't rely only on me, some native speakers might as well answer!!!

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