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师傅 老板 服务员 小姐

When is the best time to use 师傅?

Can you also say 师傅 to a female person?!


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    When you meet some difficulties, you can ask him (her) for help. For example, can you help me, 师傅。
    The word is not divided into men and women.

    Yes you can call a female person 师傅. Normally refers to a skilled person like a chef or wood carver.

    1) someone called 师傅 teaches you a skill. for example, a kung-fu teacher can be called 师傅 by his students. or you are a new worker and you can call those old workers 师傅 because they can teach you some skills. Attention, in school, a student calls his teacher 老师, he can call him 师傅
    2) some worker who is old and has a rich experience and a high skill on his job can be called 师傅 by any others.
    3) when you meet some man(male) whose age is more than 30 years old at a informal place, you can call him 师傅. for example, you are looking for a restaurant but u dont know where it is, then you find a man there, you want to ask him where it is, you can say: 师傅,麻烦问一下,***饭店在哪儿?
    老板:for example, you have a supermarket, and you hired Peter and Mike to work for you. then you are their 老板.
    服务员:anyone who works at a place to offer people a kind of service can be called 服务员. for example when you enter a restaurant, someone will give you a menu and serve you, then this people is 服务员.
    小姐:any young woman(20---30 years old) can be called 小姐. sometimes, when you enter a restaurant and your 服务员 is a young woman, you can call him 小姐 or 服务员.
    小姐 has another meaning: hooker
    normally, if a young man calls some unknown girl 小姐, probably this young man is molesting this girl.

    老板 又作 老闆
    現今台灣已經不再採用 老板 一詞了
    而用 老闆

    闆 字 "從門中視" 之意
    即 在門後方監督員工 指導業務執行 之人
    今泛指工商企業 公司行號的產權所有人

    師傅 一詞
    在台灣 最常見的意思有二
    1 稱有專門技藝的人
    如 糕餅師傅 板金師傅 (汽車車體) 泥水師傅 (建築泥作) 雕刻師傅 等
    2 對僧尼 道士的敬稱
    以上 二常見義 無論對男性或 女性一概適用

    至於 該行業較資深者 技藝較優秀者被稱為 師傅
    實際上就是 "老師" 的意思

    在台灣 不稱公共汽車或計程車駕駛人為 師傅

    服務員 男女性皆涵蓋
    但直稱某人為 "服務員" 可能較不禮貌
    在台灣 以 "先生" "小姐" 代之

    在台灣 職場上 公開場合中稱呼對方為 小姐
    相當於 Miss 或 Ms.
    至於作 Hooker 解
    正人君子 毋需多慮 小姐 一詞的用法

    同一詞語 各地用法不一


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