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what is meaning of (dir dur ..)

what is meaning of (dir dur ..) and if we have tenses without these suffixes what is difference about grammar

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    1)Ahmet akıllıdır. = Ahmet is clever (and I know this)
    (We use it to tell others how well we know somebody)

    2)O adam zengindir.=That man must be rich
    (We see a man wearing nice and expensive clothes)
    -Where is Ahmet?
    -I dont know.He must be in the garden=Bahçededir
    --And I saw him in the garden--
    -Where is he?
    -Ahmet is in the garden.(%100 sure)=Ahmet bahçede.

    Can you say whats the full sentences!

    Look friend I´´ll will help you with my humble answers in turkish dir is ´´ IS´´ and dur is ´´stop up´´, so that is like the participle in indoeuropean tongues, ´´ stoped is´´ is the traductions and you that use when give sentences I wait have you holpen and my msn is if you wanted contactate me I am from colombia

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