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about " know" ,"know of " and "know about".

I'm wondering things just like the topic.
there are 3 sentence, please tell me your opinions about the different usage and meaning?
I know her.
I know of her.
I know about her.

thanks a lot.

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    I know her. (This would mean you have personal knowledge regarding this person because you are directly involved with her.)

    I know of her. (This would mean you are not directly involved with this person. Your knowledge of her comes from someone or something else. For instance, you may have a friend who has told you about this person, but you, yourself, have never met her.)

    I know about her. (This is similar to "I know of her". It, too, means you have heard about this person through an indirect means.)

    'I know her' would normally mean that you have seen, met, spoken to her or she is a friend of yours (it is ambiguous by itself).
    'I know of her' would typically mean that you have heard someone speak about 'her' but you could not identify 'her' - i.e. you just know she exists.
    'I know about her' means you know something about the person but again you have not 'know her'.
    To be honest, many native English speakers would probably say 'I've heard of/about her' rather than the 2nd or 3rd one, as the distinction from the 1st one would be clearer

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