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I'm eager to know the different usages between "about" and "of" .

for example:
think of ,think about,
dream of ,dream about,
know of ,know about,

the usages and the different meaning are always confusing me.
I'm eager to know how you can use them naturally and correctly.
I'm really thank you for your opinion.

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    'about' is more 'in-depth' than of.
    If you know of something, it means you are aware it exists, and perhaps know a little about it. If you know about that thing, you know considerably more - e.g. what it is used for, where it comes from, etc.
    The distinction can obviously be a little more unclear with thinking or dreaming. But still - if you think of something, you simply remember it. If you think about it, you perhaps think about how it affected you, how you related to it, why it came about...


    All three pairs you give mean the same thing. All three pairs are variants of a phrasal verb:

    think of / think about
    dream of / dream about
    know of / know about

    The forms with about can also mean to think/dream/know more about something.

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